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Frequently asked questions

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"How can I find out my ring size?"

For the most reliable method of checking your ring size (according to the Japanese system),
we offer Japanese-standard ring sizers in our store (click here to view).

Another possible method is to bind a thread around the finger you would like to wear your ring on, and measure the length of the circumference.

Please bear in mind that some peoples' fingers are more sensitive than others' to swelling due to warm temperature. 
For this reason we recommend measuring the fingers you would like to wear the ring on when your hands are warmed up, and to then select a comfortable (yet not too loose) size.

If you know your ring size in mm or a non-Japanese standard,
please consult our ring-size conversion chart below.

"Do you offer repair services and resizing?"

In the case of any damage we are most definitely able to offer repairs - if the damage was caused by a crafting mistake on our part, we would of course offer the repair free of charge (that said all our rings have so far lasted many years without an issue and hopefully will remain so for lifetimes to come).

We also offer a resize FREE OF CHARGE on any ring purchased directly from us; we only ask however that you bear the costs of shipping back and forth.

"Do you do custom designs?"

Yes. Absolutely.
We offer an extensive design service for any type of jewelry you might have in mind.

We will always do our utmost best to create the design you have in mind, any pattern, any shape.

Contact us directly to discuss the design you have in mind.

"How should I maintain my jewelry?"

We make sure to Rhodium-plate all our pieces made out of Silver.
This layer of luxurious rhodium plating protects the silver and keeps the silver from oxidizing.

Over time however, with use, this plating will wear down and become thinner and thinner, making it more likely for the silver to be directly in contact with the atmosphere and start to oxidize.
Even with extensive use, the plating usually lasts for years.

If however you would like to replate the piece with rhodium to avoid the ring from oxidizing;
to do so please contact us and we can see to it right away.

If your silver piece has turned slightly darker to oxidization we recommend polishing it gently with a  Silver polishing cloth
(this will remove the rhodium plating however so please only do so if you are sure the ring no longer has a layer of rhodium or if you wish to remove the plating on purpose).

Contact with water and different chemicals might expedite the oxidization process, however, 

in general you should not worry to wear your piece in any circumstance.

As for Gold and Platinum pieces we highly recommend bringing them in for a cleaning once every few years, however, in general there is very little to worry about in terms of maintenance.

Bumps and scratches from use are absolutely unavoidable, and often boasts a 'worn' esthetic many prefer, however if you would like us to polish up the ring and restore it to its original state (as well as re-create finishes such as the glossy or matt finishes), we can do so.
If so, please contact us.

"Where is your jewelry made?"

Each and ever piece of jewelry is hand-made from scratch in Japan by none other than the best craftsmen to achieve the best quality and craftsmanship to ensure a piece that you and your family will be able to enjoy for generations to come.

Ring size chart

ring size chart BOSSY.gif